About Experience Lab

How we're helping you

Our mission at Experience Lab is simple. We use digital technology and our creativity in a smart way for a better online world. We build digital experiences for and with SMEs, promising start-ups and fast growing scale-ups. Everything can be better - and so can your digital strategy and online environment. That is exactly what we at Experience Lab provide.

Every business is digital

Like it or not: online experiences and digital tools are essential, everywhere. From an intranet for customer management and invoicing to a campaign website or webshop: smart digital solutions always deliver added value. We know that better than anyone. That is exactly why we are on the same wavelength with the start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs we work for. We strengthen their digital strategy, build flexible online environments and give them the right tools to outsmart the competition, reduce costs and increase turnover.

Our team

We consist of a lean and mean team of permanent employees, complemented by a permanent group of freelancers for extra expertise in specific digital sub-domains. All of them are people with vision, even if we say so ourselves. Our characters are quite different - excuse me: complementary - but we all have one thing in common: we are all very good at what we do. That is the most important criterion for being part of Experience Lab. Common point number two: there are only fine people walking around here. Or at least that is what we think of each other. Because when we work together on digital projects, we want things to move forward and we want to understand each other. Also when the chips are down, the deadline is starting to gnaw, or if someone wants to see a brilliant idea worked out.

That philosophy has brought us to where we are today. And where we move forward, our customers move forward.