Float connector for Google Data Studio

This free integration by Experience Lab allows you to build interactive dashboards with your project, team, task and time log data by connecting your Float-account to Google Data Studio.

First step: find and select the Float-connector

Create a new report or go to an existing one. Navigate to 'add data to report' and type 'Float' in the search bar. The Float-connector by Experience Lab should pop up as one of the first results. Select it by clicking on it.

Next: Add your API-key and select your preferred project

You can find the Float API-key for your team by going to 'Team settings' > 'Integrations' and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Copy the API-key and paste it into the API key field shown in the Connector configuration. Select a project (or leave this blank if you'd like the data for all projects) and hit next. You'll be presented with an overview of all metrics and dimensions of data synced with Float. Hit next to finish the set-up and start building.

Last step: build an interactive dashboard using data from Float

Select the dimensions and metrics that are important to you or your clients, and add some charts for a finishing touch.