An overview of how we have helped entrepreneurs with digital.

A DNS challenge for's website was set up correctly, but could not be accessed through their domain name. After months of searching, they ended up with Experience Lab...

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teamleader integrations

Teamleader integrations for easy and automated invoicing

Save time with Teamleader integrations for easy, automated invoicing. We already did the integration for Accountants Academy, Kaart Blanche and for ourselves...

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Ateliers Gaston

The step to online sales for Ateliers Gaston

We set up a webshop for Ateliers Gaston for the smallest budget and were able to keep his business running with a customized ordering platform.

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Tailor-made automation for Louisianna with a Shopify app

A Shopify app developed by Experience Lab is saving the sisters of catering company Louisianna several hours of manual work per week.

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